Margaret Leng Tan website

Information Architecture
Creative Direction
Visual Design

This website (to launch in 2019) is for pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and performance artist Margaret Leng Tan (dubbed “Queen of the Toy Piano” by The New York Times). Tan is the first woman to earn a PhD from Juilliard, and is renowned for her interpretations of John Cage’s music, as well as her collaborations with Cage on editions of his piano scores. A Singaporean native, she has been inducted into the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame, and attended a White House luncheon as Vice President Joe Biden’s guest in 2016 as one of Singapore’s most significant cultural representatives.

The initial idea of this re-design was simply to refresh the old site and make it responsive. As I began to more thoroughly overhaul it, I decided to start from scratch, making it more visually appealing and immersive (particularly with the use of edge-to-edge background video).

I performed art direction, concept development, design, production and light coding.

The site is broken into several modules: About, Media, Reviews, Photos, Articles, Recordings, Contact. The Articles and Reviews sections is made up of cards containing introductory text and a pull quote, with photos when available.