User Interface
Visual Design
Photo Research

Mountain Pass Solutions, a developer of faculty position management software applications, approached me to streamline the front end of their application SmartPath™. 

I began by adding more relaxing margins and replacing the default sans font stack with Google’s friendlier and more legible Open Sans. Visual interest was added to the splash page with photography, and I made the front end cleaner (removing boxes within boxes), more consistent and functionally easier to understand. I also added differentiating color to important buttons for a sense of hierarchy and purpose for each page.  

This is a non-responsive site because of the large amount of text entry and file uploads needed to establish an applicant’s academic credentials; use of a mobile device or even tablet seemed unlikely. Tables are known to be the bane of responsive designers’ existence; the numerous columns in this site are created with tables, not floats or display: inline-block structures, further making responsive design difficult or impossible. As a result, this was largely a user interface project; there wasn't a lot of room for photos, illustrations or icons.